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  1. *Professional company available 7 nights a week.

  2. *Licensed LLC in Pennsylvania, carrying full liability insurance coverage.

Some of the places I’ve worked:

Yester Audio & Entertainment

North Pittsburgh Music, LLC

23 Pearl Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15229



With over 20 years experience with high end weddings and corporate events, excellent references, radio DJ credentials and superior event management skills, Mark Yester is an excellent choice for handling the important role of planner, emcee, and music coordinator for your event.

Professional, flexible, pleasant and discreet are all great ways to describe Mark's style in planning and executing your event. Free no-obligation face to face meetings, venue surveys, timetable management, and top quality equipment create a comprehensive package to insure great results.

Call now to arrange a no-obligation meeting at a time & place convenient to you.

• Expert Emcee Performance

  1. Custom Edited Music

  2. Dance Lighting

  3. Uplighting

  4. Video Services

  5. Ceremony Sound Services

  6. Wide Area Sound Coverage

  7. Outdoor Area Sound Coverage

  8. Advance Planning

  9. Timetable Management

  10. Venue Surveys

Wedding Pricing:          May - October          November - April

Friday                                   $650                            $500

Saturday                               $800                            $650

Includes 5 hours of music, Emcee services, DJ services, sound system, dance lighting, advance planning meeting, and venue survey as necessary.

Please contact me for pricing on optional services.

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